Why myvancouverpatio.com?

Patio hunters are a unique niche of buyers in the Vancouver real estate marketplace. The motivation of this special group varies – the love of entertaining friends outside of the typical Downtown box condo, the desire for penthouse-style space and prestige, the need for daily fresh air alongside a cup of joe, a furry member of the family who would like a little more outdoor time, and of course, the love of BBQ.

myvancouverpatio.com has been specially designed to properly market theses distinctive properties to a specific segment of buyers who will appreciate what they have to offer most.

For active buyers, it is a very challenging task to narrow down a search which exclusively features condos and townhouses with exceptional outdoor space. Even REALTORS® have a tough time, as there is no specific search field available to find these homes or to enhance tracking.

I went through this experience a few times – searching for buyers specifically looking for 300sf+ of private outdoor area within a reasonable price range in the Downtown core, as well as trying to track relevant market activity for unique condos I had listed for sale.

I enjoyed working with these properties so much when I finally found them that I decided – enough is enough! I came up with a personalized system to track these special homes for buyers, to keep up to date on market trends (compared to typical spaces in each area), and to strategically market condos and townhouses with large patios, balconies, sundecks, rooftop decks, and terraces for my clients who want to sell and maximize value.